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MiLA Foundation mission and vision

We have established Foundation of Active Places and People sharing the need for acting for local development and cooperation with various partners all over Poland. The source of our inspiration is the richness of local natural and cultural heritage – that fascinates us – and active and creative people, that feel responsibility for the place they live. We create new, innovative solutions and implement long-term development programs basing on mutual work of various environments and social groups. We specialize in initiating networks of cooperation and exchange of experience, sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship, local brands of products and places, education and mobilizing local communities.

Who we are:

We have knowledge, experience and energy to act. We know needs and challenges of local communities. We know how to bring together and inspire people and organisations to realize common goals.

What we aim at:

We aim at sustaiinable improvement of local communities’ quality of life. We create development based on natural and cultural values of places as well as activity and mutual responsibility of their inhabitants.